7 Lions Started Attacking Their Trainer and The Footage Is TERRIFYING!


Attending a circus show is an all-time favorite past time for Ukranians, but the spectators who witnessed this horrific lion show in Ukraine will never see a circus the same way again.

During an evening circus show, lion tamer,Oleksie Pinko, uses a rod to keep the lions at a distance from him,. But as he continues to jab at one of the lions during a show all goes terribly wrong! 

In the middle of the show, an oversized lion lunges at Oleskie, knocking him to the floor. The shocking seconds that follow are gut-wrenching, but eventually come to an end, or do they? 

When the lion retreats from atop of the trainer he begins to stir up the rest of the lions that surround Oleskie. 7 lions then begin to angrily close in on Oleskie...

Watch with caution because this video is incredibly tough to watch. 

As a lion tamer, do you begin a show expecting the worst or hoping for the best? This video clearly shows that wild animals are incredibly dangerous and should be dealt with in caution, if dealt with at all!  Fortunately, Oleskie Pinko survives the horrific attack, but will forever be tainted with a story that one must see to believe! 

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