82 Year Old Man Slashes Tires Over…. BINGO.


People who play bingo take bingo very seriously. However, did you know that the seat you sit in matters too? 

Ethel, an avid Bingo player, was about to learn a very important lesson. Do not take Fred's seat at Bingo. 

One night, Ethel sat in Fred's seat at Bingo. Fred Smith then stormed out of the Bingo Hall because Ethel was sitting in his seat.  He walked up to Ethel's car and slashed all four of her tires. Because of his actions, Fred will no longer be allowed to play bingo at the Lake Ashton club house and he was charged with one count of criminal mischief. Maybe next time Fred you should think before you take an ice pick to someone's tires. 

WATCH this crazy video and let us know what you think of Fred's actions in the comments below. 

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