A GoPro View of What it’s Like Inside a South African Orphanage


It’s estimated that there are approximately 3.7 million
orphans in South Africa. Around half of those orphans have lost one or both of
their parents to AIDS. Faced with challenges we can’t even begin to imagine,
most of these children are left with nowhere to go.

In 2012 Nick Grava took a two-week trip to Cape Town, South
Africa to visit his brother, Chris Grava, who was studying abroad there. While
there he began volunteering at an orphanage in a local township that is home to
30 children. When his two weeks came to an end, he decided to skip his flight
home and stay to continue to help the orphanage.

Throughout the years he stayed at this organization and went
from volunteer to Managing Director! His brother Chris Grava (the one who
filmed this video) has taken multiple trips back to Cape Town to help out and
work with the kids who, he says, have become like family.

This GoPro video is of Chris Grava’s first time seeing the
kids in six months.

 I don’t think I’ve
ever seen a group of such happy, beautiful kids. They’re constantly smiling and
happy and look like they are enjoying every minute of life!

I don’t know why, but this video brought tears to my eyes!
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