A Man Scattering His Grandmother’s Ashes Stops To Do THIS!


Sue Drummond never thought that taking her dog out for a walk could end up being his very last walk ever! With gusts of wind hitting over 60 MPH, the tiny Maltese-Shi Tzu mix was blown off the pier into the icy waters below. Sue watched helplessly as the dog tried to make its way back to the pier.

Then, when Sue began to fear the worst, a stranger standing nearby began to strip out of his clothing and plunged in after the struggling dog. 

To make the story even more incredible, this man who decided to put his own life at risk for this dog, happened to be standing on the pier at that moment to scatter his grandmother's ashes into the bay. 

His selfless act saved the dog's life and Sue's happiness! I am so happy to report that the man was awarded the Compassionate Citizen Award by Animals Australia for his "selflessness and bravery!"

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