A Marine And His Daughter Share a Special Father-Daughter Dance At Her Quinceanera


In Latin culture there are two very important days in a woman’s life — the day she turns 15 and the day she gets married. Quinceañera is defined as the Spanish word for a girl who is 15-years-old. But this Spanish word holds a very special meaning for many Latin families. 

A quinceañera is a coming-of-age celebration on a young woman’s fifteenth birthday that honors her transition from childhood to womanhood. In Latin American culture, a fifteenth birthday is unlike any other birthday celebration — families go all out for a quinceañera! 

During this epic party the birthday girl is usually decked out in a beautiful ball gown and the celebration honors many traditions (similar to weddings), such as the Ceremony Of The 15 Candles or a father-daughter dance. 

Jasmine, the beautiful young girl in this video, was celebrating her quinceañera with family and loved ones. It was time for the father-daughter dance, so her and her marine father hit the dance floor. She donned a beautiful floor length, light blue gown, while her dad was dressed to the nines in his dress blues.

When the two first stepped on the dance floor they slow danced to “My Girl”, but as soon as the song changed, their dance took on a whole new meaning! We’ve all seen the surprise wedding dances grooms and brides do, but I bet you’ve never seen a father daughter dance quite like this before! 

Watch the adorable video below and SHARE with your friends. Such an amazing moment this young woman was able to share with her father! 

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