A Patient SURPRISES Her Nurse in a Big Way! We’re in Tears!


Being a nurse can be a thankless job. When people are sick or in pain, they aren't at their best, and they can be unpredictable in their treatment of those around them. Sometimes patients can lash out at their nurses; other times they barely have the energy to muster a smile, or a "thank you". While not every nurse is perfect, it goes without saying that caring for people is second nature to them. Why else would they be in a profession that requires a lot of patience, understanding, sympathy and empathy?

So it's no surprise that the relationship between a nurse and a patient is quite special and unique. There's no better feeling than knowing you have a champion cheering you on down the road to recovery. This amazing experience is best demonstrated in the video below, where a patient - formerly paralyzed from the waist-down - wanted to share her full recovery with her nurse. The reaction: priceless!

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