A Pilot Gets On The Loud Speaker Pre-Flight. What He Says.. I am in SHOCK!


We're all familiar with the safety announcements you usually hear at the beginning of a flight, but the passengers on this flight got a special treat! Interrupting the usual script was one of the pilots PROPOSING to his flight attendant girlfriend!!! 

Brandy had no clue her pilot boyfriend, who wasn't scheduled to pilot this flight, was hiding in the cockpit until she heard his voice over the loudspeaker. He told the story of how they met, or rather how she met his mother first who tried to tell her son all about this wonderful flight attendant she met. He was totally not interested, as most young men aren't too interested in a setup arranged by their mom! Fast forward three months and it was love at first sight when Eric spotted Brandy chowing down on a cheeseburger pre-flight. 

Spoiler alert - Brandy says YES!

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