A Woman In Labor Didn’t Quite Make It To The Delivery Room… Nice Catch, Dad!


This will be one of the hardest GoPro videos to watch in your YouTube lifetime, but it's an incredible one nonetheless. 

Troy Dickerson and his wife, Kristen, are speedily on their way to the hospital to give birth to their son, Truett. In the midst of her labor, she realizes he's exiting her womb sooner than she had hoped. Dad is racing to the hospital and so is ours hearts listening to Kristen's painful screams. 

Emergency personnel are waiting for the couple as they pull up to the hospital but they don't quite make it to the delivery room in time for Truett's introduction to the world! Watch as she gives birth to her son Truett right outside the hospital doors. 

This is a video unlike any other, but a beautiful one the family is sharing with the world! 

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