After 30 Years, He Finally Meets The Woman Who Saved His Life. I’m In Tears!


On March 21, 1985, John Rieken experienced a horrific motorcycle accident that nearly took his life. He suffered multiple skull fractures and was quickly losing his life. Fortunately for him, Dr. Ann Kay Cefalu, a 26-year-old pediatric resident, saw the entire accident and jumped out of her car to do what she could.

After much help from the random encounter, John eventually made it to the hospital where he underwent multiple surgeries. Months of recovery followed, but he was grateful to be alive and was also very aware he wouldn't be if it wasn't for this woman he knew nothing about. 

Now, after 30 years of searching for Dr. Ann Kay Cefalu to say his thank you's, they finally cross paths in the most peculiar way imaginable. Let this video prove that chance encounters are little gifts from the universe. I've never heard a story like this before. 

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