After Being Diagnosed with an Inoperable Brain Tumor, This Cheerleader Did the UNTHINKABLE!


This video explains the incredibly sad story of Connecticut High School senior cheerleader, Nina Poeta and the tragic news she received just a year ago. Nina was diagnosed with brain cancer; a tumor that is inoperable.  the overwhelming support she’s received across the Valley and beyond as she fights against brain cancer.

Since the diagnosis, Nina has lost her ability to walk and can only communicate with a nod of the head. But this hasn't stopped Nina. Even after receiving the devastating news, Nina did what no one thought was possible - she remained a member of her cheerleading team, helping the squad win a state championship! 

With an unbelievable amount of support from family and friends, the family has been able to raise over $88,000 for Nina’s medical treatments.

This beautiful young lady, is not giving up, nor are we! Help spread the message of #NinaStrong, and SHARE this video! 

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