After Buying A Young Boy Some Cookies, US Veteran and Police Officer Is Gunned Down.


The last thing you would expect after an act of kindness is anything like the story of Jeremy Henwood. A US Marine Veteran and Police Officer, Jeremy was always known for serving his country and community, but it was this particular act of kindness that he would forever be remembered by.    

While grabbing lunch at the local McDonalds in San Diego, Jeremy noticed a young boy unable to pay for his cookies. So he offered to pay for them and even managed to share a few words of wisdom with the boy before leaving. That would be the last conversation Jeremy would ever have because three minutes later, he was gunned down in his police car by a gang member, unprovoked.

Watch all of his loved ones share their beautiful words about their beloved friend, Jeremy. Who knew such a sad story could have so much love within it?

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