All The Odds Were Against Him. But Once He Begins To Dance, Everyone Is Left SPEECHLESS! Wow..


Interviews and auditions are some of the most nerve wrecking scenarios we encounter, but it's people who have nothing to lose that always seem the most confident. 

Take 29-year-old Leroy Martinez, for example. He's standing before the judges on "So You Think You Can Dance" ready to take on the spotlight. Being the only male in his family out of prison and drug-free, Leroy turns to dance to escape his harsh realities. The judges are in awe with his story, but even more impressed with his skill.

Experience the moment the music starts to play and this after-school program instructor and dog sitter from Sacramento, California completely stuns the judges with his insane dancing skills. How he manages to move his body like that, I don't know, but I can watch him all day!

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