All You Need is Two Ingredients to Get THIS! When She Cut This Loaf of Bread I Was SHOCKED!


There’s been this new phenomenon going around that involves
two of the most delicious things ever: ice cream and bread. Considering those
are two of my favorite food groups, my jaw dropped when I saw this video.

YouTuber CookingwithKarma, the genius mastermind behind this
recipe, shows us how to make ice cream bread. You won’t believe how EASY and
delicious this recipe is.

All you need is ice cream and flour, and whatever else
toppings you’d want to throw in there. Simply leave the ice cream out at room
temperature to let it melt a little. Mix some flour into it and bake.

Yes, it’s that easy! Check out this video to learn this
amazing recipe and start making your own ice cream bread.

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