An Officer COLLAPSES While Booking a Teen – What The Handcuffed Teen Did Next SHOCKED Everyone!


Jamal Rutledge, a Florida teenager was sitting, waiting to
be booked for burglary, criminal mischief, and probation violation. As he was
waiting, the officer who was booking him suddenly collapsed with a heart

Officer Franklin Foulks of Fort Lauderdale fell to the
ground clutching his chest, it was clear he was having a heart attack. If it
wasn’t for Rutledge’s quick actions, officer Foulks might not be with us today.

As the video surveillance shows, as soon as the officer
collapsed Rutledge sprang into action! Since he was handcuffed there was only
so much he could do. He jumped out of his chair and started kicking the
security fence to get the attention of the other officers.

Once the other officers realized what was happening they ran
into the room, activated a nearby defibrillator and called 911. Foulks was
rushed to a hospital and medical personnel said that if it weren’t for Rutledge
and the other officers’ quick thinking, Foulks would not be alive.

Check out the video surveillance below and see it all go
down! What do you think of this crazy scenario? Please watch and SHARE!

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