An Owner Put a GoPro on His Dog and Saw That he does THIS When He’s Left Home Alone!


Have you ever wondered what your dogs do all day when you’re
gone? When we leave for work in the morning our furry companions can be left
home alone for HOURS.

So what do they do when left to their own devices? One
curious owner, who also happens to be curious YouTuber Mike the Intern, decided
to find out for himself.

So one day before he left the house, he strapped a GoPro to
his Goldendoodle to see what kind of things he would get into. I think Mike was
surprised to find out the footage was a lot more depressing than he thought.

When he first left, his pooch got very antsy and was looking
everywhere for his owner. Then he finally curled up in a pile of Mike’s clothes
and occasionally howled sadly.

The camera died before Mike could film their reunion, but
according to him they “held each other and cried.”

What did you think of this poor little guy’s lonely day?
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