And I Thought My Dog’s ‘Roll Over’ Trick Was Cool


If you thought teaching your dog how to ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’
was an accomplishment, you won’t believe what this dog can do! Meet Jumpy, a
border collie and blue heeler mix who is arguably the most well trained dog in

Jumpy can do back flips, skateboard, surf, ride a scooter,
leap to great heights – the list goes on and on! It seems like there’s no end
to Jumpy’s talent. It also seems like he has no idea he’s a dog!

His owner and trainer Omar von Muller has been working with
Jumpy since he was a puppy. Training Jumpy has taken time and has been a
gradual process, but in just a few short years he has mastered tricks not many
other dogs can do! One of which is skateboarding, which also happens to be
Jumpy’s favorite.

In this video Jumpy is doing Skidboot’s (one of von Muller’s
previous dogs) routines. And all I can say is WOW! The obedience and
self-control Jumpy has is unreal. I was in awe of this amazing dog!

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