At 24 Years Old She Is Already Changing the World One Job at a Time


Veronika grew up as the child of parents struggling with
addiction. Instead of following in the footsteps of her parents she worked
hard, got a scholarship and started changing the world.

One of her classes in college instructed the students to
design something to fill actual needs in their community. Veronika did her
research and ended up designing coats that doubled as sleeping bags to help
keep the homeless in her community warm at night. Someone pointed out to
Veronika that people didn’t need coats they needed jobs. She took it upon
herself to hire and train people from homeless shelters to make the coats. She
provided them with the skills they needed to be able to support them and make a
difference. Veronika says that, "no matter what you've gone through you can still do a lot with what you have."

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