At First I Had No Idea What She was Doing With This Baby – But Then it all Made Sense


When I first saw how this woman was handling this newborn it
kind of freaked me out! But then I realized the reason behind it and it was

Sonia Rochel is a French nurse who has created an amazingly
unique baby bath technique called Thalasso Baby Bath. This technique, which
looks a little strange at first because at one point she fully submerges the
baby’s eyes and ears in water, is supposed to be highly beneficial for

As she bathes the baby in warm water, she lets the infant
guide the direction of the bath. And it’s clear the baby loves it! The Thalasso
Baby Bath technique mimics the womb and makes the baby feel completely relaxed,
warm and safe.

The baby looks so peaceful and happy, it’s absolutely
beautiful! What do you think of this unique technique? Please watch below then SHARE this amazing video!

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