Baby Farts Are The Cutest But These Babies Don’t Think So! They’re TERRIFIED By Them!


If you thought you had a ridiculous fear, this video compilation came along to remind you that there are worse things in life to fear, like your own farts.  

Leave it up to a cute baby to make farting be anything but disgusting! Here's a collection of the funniest moments in history that share one thing in common- babies frightened from their milk-scented farts. 

From little whispers in their diapers to roaring thunders blaring through their pants, every type of fart has these babies jumping with fear. It's torturously hilarious to watch these little beings get so frightened from their farts, they cry! 

I see this is a great learning lesson for babies everywhere: farts are natural aspect of life and you just gotta learn to deal with them.

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