Before Losing Her Battle with Cancer, This 5-Year-Old Managed to Spread a Message of Hope!


Never a typical 5-year-old, Elana was wise beyond her years. After being diagnosed with inoperable cancer, Elana knew that she would have to treat every day as a gift and not to be wasted. 

So, she created a "to do" list, including things like swimming with dolphins and even driving a car! When her cancer progressed to the point where she could no longer speak, she resorted to expressing herself through art. 

Slowly it became apparent that the things on Elana's to do list weren't just about her. No, these were the ways in which she would leave her mark on the world. In the last nine months of her battle, Elana hid notes throughout the house to be discovered after she was gone. 

Each time her family would read one of these notes, it would be like a little hug from Elana. From these little messages of love and hope, Elana has helped to inspires us all to be better people! 

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