Born Without Eyes or a Nose, This Optimistic Little Girl Believes ANYTHING is Possible!


She was born without eyes AND without a nose, but there is nothing that can bring the spirits of this 16-year-old down! Attending a school for the blind, Cassidy Hooper is curious about everything and just loves to learn! 

This girl who has been living with such hardship in her own life, spends so much of her time selflessly helping others. The video shows one field trip where Cassidy travels to a local homeless center to sing and spread some cheer!

Cassidy shares with the newscaster the secret to happiness: If someone says something negative to you - simply don't let it bother you. I think if Cassidy can do this, just about anyone can! 

She leaves us with one amazing quote I don't think I will ever forget, "I don’t need easy. I just need possible." 

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