Broadway Fan Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime!!


Jared Young grew up dreaming of playing the role of "Aladdin," but time and time again was rejected from numerous auditions.Finally, he decided to give up and quit trying. 

But then, at a Broadway show his dream resurfaced! Broadway star, Lea Salonga, was asking the audience for one random fan to join her onstage in performing "A Whole New World." 

Enthusiastically, Jared volunteered to take on the role, and sure enough, Lea decided to pick him! After 20 years of dreaming of playing Aladdin, it was finally about to come true! 

And, to everyone's surprise (including Lea's), Jared was pretty darn talented! 

Watching the happiness radiate from Jared makes this duet so special! I couldn't stop smiling watching him perform!

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