Can You Say, “National Geographic?” Nice try, little guy! Haha!


There are so many better things to do than sit there and pronounce ridiculously long words, mommy and daddy! 

All this little boy wants to do is play firefighters, go pow-pow with guns, and show off his fancy watch! But these parents insist that pronouncing the most complicated words for any child to attempt is an essential part of language skill building. Thank goodness for that, because I've been entertained all morning with this video! 

Listen as this little boy attempts to get through words like "Sassafras" and "Nuclear Power Plant." It's so difficult for him, he even falls out of his chair after attempting to pronounce the word "Accessories." 

After watching this video twice, (because it's really that good), I noticed a peculiar sound coming from his diaper after unsuccessfully saying, "National Geographic." Are these words really that tough he just can't contain himself?! 

You have been warned parents! Don't be surprised if you find the aftermath of this hard pronunciation lesson lurking in his diaper. At the end of the video he says he suggest he's poopied himself and does not like it! 

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