Car dent gone with boiling water! INCREDIBLE!


Most of us have been involved in a fender-bender, and they're not fun, especially for your wallet. Even if you have car insurance, there's still a deductible to take care of, and then those pesky rates going up. And that's only the beginning, because now you have to take your car to the body shop. 

But wait! We may have a solution for you. This guy takes matters into his own hands and uses a trick that none of us have ever heard of before at Get It Free. He takes a pot of boiling water and pours it over the dent, and what happens next is amazing! We could not believe our eyes. 

Have you ever seen a trick like this? It's pretty incredible, right? Boiling water definitely comes in handy sometimes. Who do you  know that would also think this video is cool? Share it with them on Facebook! 

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