Check Out 13 Brilliant Pool Noodle Life Hacks!


Pool noodles are things that we're all familiar with, but if you're like us here at Get It Free, you probably never thought about using them for anything other than floating in a pool on a hot summer afternoon. Luckily for us, someone has taken the time to show us 13 additional uses for pool noodles!

If you like to fish and have a couple of rods, you know that storing them can be a pain. Pool noodle to the rescue! Do you ever need to fill up a bucket, but you can't quite fit the bucket into the sink and under the faucet? Find your pool noodle and fill that bucket! 

Those are only two of the amazing pool noodle life hacks in this video, watch it and find out 11 more! There are some great ones. Pick the one you like the best and share it with your friends on Facebook, along with a link to the video! 

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