Check out 2 SIMPLE hacks for drilling without making a mess!


The worst part about doing home improvements around the house is the clean up, and I think we can all agree on that. And of course it always comes at the very end when we're tired and ready to lay down on the couch and watch television. 

Well, thanks to this awesome video, there's a trick that will get you from home improvement project to the couch faster than ever! The next time you have to drill a hole in your wall to hang something, you can use two things to make your life easier: a dixie cup or a Post-It note! Not what you were expecting, right? Well those two things catch the dust before it hits the ground so you don't have to clean it up!

So, do you know a handyman that would like to see this video? Maybe one of your cousins that just moved into a new apartment and needs to do some decorating? This is the perfect video to Share with them on Facebook! 

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