Check Out the BEST Way To Store Soda (Or Beer) In Your Fridge!


We've all been this person: you get home from the store, and you open a 12-pack of soda or beer, and grab them one by one and put them into the refrigerator. It may seem like that's "just the way it's done", but there's a better way that will save you time to unload the rest of the groceries! 

This hack is really quite simple when you think about it. It's taking advantage of the organization of cans that's already inside the cardboard. So instead of disrupting the organization by removing the cans one by one, you remove the cardboard instead!

Everyone buys 12-packs, whether it's for the adults after work or for the kids after school. And everyone would love to same a couple extra minutes during the day! So share this video with your friends on Facebook and see what they have to say about it! 

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