Check Out This Easy Trick To Clean Up Pet Hair!


At Get It Free, we all love our pets. Even though they chew our shoes and cords, bark like crazy at birds, and shed their hair all over our nice carpet. Well, it looks like we've found an easy solution to the latter problem! 

From your local pet store, buy one of those metal brushed hair collection brushes for dogs. If you have carpet or rugs that are "open weave" (meaning if you ran a comb through it, the comb would not get stuck in the carpet fibers) then you can use this brush to collect hair from any carpet or rug! It works on car floors too! 

Lots of your friends and family members have dogs, and if they're allowed in the house, they are definitely going to want to see this video! Who knew you could use the same brush you use on the dog on the carpet? Share this video on Facebook! 

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