Covered in Tar, Stuck to the Ground and Unable to Move, It Looked Like He Had No Chance


A good Samaritan in India was out and about one day when he
happened to notice a dog that was in desperate need of help. This poor dog had accidentally
fallen into a pit of hot tar that fully engulfed his body.

Covered in head to toe with tar, the dog was stuck to the
ground and unable to move. Once the tar cooled it became rock solid, creating a
cast around his body. Stuck to the ground this poor guy was only able to move
his eyes.

When the passerby saw the struggling dog he immediately
called Animal Aid Unlimited, who came to the rescue right away! Throughout the
next two days rescuers worked around the clock to save him.

They massaged vegetable oil into his fur to loosen up and
remove the oil. The tar began to heat up from the massaging and vegetable oil,
which helped it come off.

It took three hours over the course of two days to remove
all the tar. Once they got all of it off he looked good as new!

If it weren’t for that good Samaritan and Animal Aid
Unlimited this poor dog probably would not be around today. Seeing acts of
compassion and kindness like this warm my heart.

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