Dad Finds DISTURBING Footage Of Abuse After Leaving Son At Mother’s Home. You Won’t BELIEVE What Authorities Do!


He had been taking his son to visit his mother for months since they had been separated, but this protective father was oblivious about the abuse his son was enduring while away- until now! What he found on his son's iPad left this dad in complete rage and after watching this video, you will be too!

What starts off as an ordinary home video quickly turns into a disturbing act of violence caught on tape! Their son's mother was recording herself singing on their son's iPad when she is interrupted by the drop of a glass. As she noticed that her son dropped his water glass, she puts down the iPad and goes into a complete rage! Although you cannot exactly see what is happening on camera, you are able to hear evidential verbal and physical abuse towards the little boy. Brace yourself, this is a hard one to watch! 

After discovering the disturbing footage, Dad takes the footage to court and Child Protective Services, only to be turned away since there were "no marks on the boy’s body." 

This angry father wants to share his frustrating story with the world. What are your thoughts?

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