Daredevil Plunges From A Crane Using Just ONE ARM! Don’t Believe Me? Watch This!


It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope, it's just a fearless man dangling from a crane in the sky! 

Witness this heart-stopping moment when a 23 year-old daredevil hangs from a crane with just one of his arms. He's more than 250 feet above the ground, wearing no protection gear but his faith and GoPro camera attached to his head.  

The footage shows his entire journey, from walking to the lonely construction site, to climbing up the crane, to standing above the city, to the most terrifying part of all. 

Once he's up top, he lowers himself down from the metal bar, effectively holding on for his life with only his five fingers to keep him from plunging to the ground below. 

This video will leave knots in your stomach, but one you must see to believe!

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