Deformed Dog Is Changing Lives, One Kid at a Time!


Lentil had a pretty rough life as a puppy. He was born in a
litter where all the puppies had facial defects and he was the only one to
survive. He was born with a cleft lip and palate that didn’t allow him to eat
on his own. His owner had to feed him every few hours and constantly feared
that the food would end up in his lungs and not his stomach.

Finally Lentil got the much-needed surgery to fix his cleft
palate and he was able to eat and drink on his own. The vet asked Lentil’s mom
if he could become part of a program that helps kids also suffering from facial
defects. The kids love Lentil and he loves them too! He has helped countless
children deal with the many emotional complications that come with facial
surgery. Way to go Lentil!

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