Did You Know That the Biggest Risk to Your Privacy is Your Smartphone?


If you have a smartphone, then one of the things you're probably used to is downloading applications or "apps". We use these apps for many things, from travel to banking, email and social networking, games and photography. Apps are fun and useful, but what's the cost of using them?

In an era where we hear about private corporations getting hacked all the time and consumers' information mysteriously floating out into the ether, privacy is certainly a hot topic for debate. Privacy and apps on your smartphone, however, is a rarely talked about subject, only because when we download applications, we are actively choosing to put them on our devices, so the idea that something shady is going on in the background might not be so readily apparent. 

When you are about to download an app, usually a pop-up asks for your permission. Often, we're just so intent on downloading the app that we steamroll past these permission questions, eager to just get things over with. But what happens when we actually read these permissions? Out loud?

In this eye-opening video, random people on the street were asked to read the app permissions on their smartphones out loud, and many were shocked by what they had no idea they were agreeing to! Think this video is insightful? Make sure to SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!

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