Did You Know You Can Do These 7 Things With a Straw? Neither Did We!


Learning to do useful things with everyday items is one of our favorite things here at Get It Free, and this video detailing 7 things you can do with a straw, besides using it to drink, is one of the coolest we've seen! Who knew straws were so useful?

The best thing about this, other than the great ideas, is that straws are practically free! Next time you go to a fast food joint, grab a few extra straws from the container near the sodas and stash them at home for situations like these! 

Do you know someone that likes to learn crazy new things every day? I'm sure you do! This video is a great one to share since it's so surprising to learn new stuff about straws, of all things. Post this one on Facebook and see what your friends think! 

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