Dying Father Gets His Final Wish- To Walk His 3 Daughters Down The Aisle!


Kelvin Peters is father to Caitlyn, Kendall, and Isbella. Like every father, he's dreamed of the moment when he would one day walk them down the aisle. But, when he was diagnosed with a severe type of cancer, he knew he would miss out on so many special moments. With only a few months to live, Kelvin didn't feel sorry for himself, but rather, decided to use his borrowed time and make the most of it.

His final wish before he passed was to celebrate the wedding of his 3 daughters. So, his daughter Kaitlin Peters, 21, and her sisters, Isabella, 13, and Kendle, 15, arranged to have his wish fulfilled. 

Watch very proud father, Kelvin, have the final dance with his three daughters at their mocked wedding. The moment is more beautiful than words can describe and it will surely move you to tears! 

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