Edgar is Dancing Like No One is Watching And It Might be The Best Thing Ever


Edgar Ramos has more fun at work then I EVER thought
possible! He takes the saying ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ to a whole new

Ramos works at a Sam’s Club in Veracruz, Mexico. He has
become an Internet sensation throughout Mexico for his awesome dance routines
inspired by the catchy song ‘El Serrucho’.

After watching this video it’s not hard to see why Ramos has
become an Internet celebrity. He has got some serious moves!

Once his song ‘El Serrucho’ comes on there’s no holding
back! He starts breaking it down in the middle of Sam’s Club and even attracts
quite a crowd.

But nothing is stopping Ramos from gettin’ his groove on.
Rock on, Edgar!

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amazing dance moves and energy with your friends!

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