Ellen Completely Changed Christmas for a Military Wife and Her Family


Cari Curtis was excited to be in the audience of The Ellen
Show but never thought she would actually get to meet her.

Ellen told the audience that there was a military wife in
the audience that she would like to meet and asked Cari to join her on stage. Christmas
can be a stressful time of year, especially when you’re spouse is away and you’re
living on a single income and Cari’s husband is in the Special Forces in the
Army and currently deployed. When he is gone, Cari and her two sons don’t know
where he is and sometimes they don’t even know when he will be back. This time
around they are lucky enough to know he will be back for Christmas and are
eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Cari and her husband are not exchanging gifts because the
money they do have they would rather spend on their kids…Ellen wanted to change
that and presented Cari with $2000 to Nordstrom and $3000 to Target! Cari was
beyond shocked and knows this will help make Christmas even more special for
her family.

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