Ever Wonder What Happens When Your Dog is Home Alone?


Dogs will do ANYTHING for food…especially when it’s human
food! You may have your dog trained to listen when you tell them “NO,” but what
about when no one’s around to give orders? When the humans are away…the pups
will play!

Have you ever wondered what your dogs do when you leave them
alone in the house? I’ve never really thought about it before, but after
watching this video, I can’t wait to find out!

The owners of cute little Lucy the beagle decided to set up
a video camera to record exactly what goes down when they leave the house…and
we are thankful that they did! The hungry dog sets off on a very thoughtful
mission to retrieve chicken nuggets out of a hot oven - and the whole thing is adorable! 

Watch Lucy’s entire thought process as she determines how to
get those darn nuggets. With a few trial and errors, Lucy finally discovers the
perfect plan of attack. Is Lucy’s strategy a success? Watch and find out – then
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