Every Time He Takes His Wife Flowers to Her Grave, The UNEXPLAINABLE Happens! How Could This Be!?


Every Sunday afternoon, right after Church, this elderly man visits the grave of his late wife since August, when she passed away. They were married for nearly 64 years and he feels bringing her flowers is the least he could do. But he noticed something peculiar happening to the flowers he has been bringing his wife's last resting place. 

It started with the batch of Chrysanthemums he has cut from his garden. They were the first batch he brought to his wife's grave and after a few weeks, he noticed them starting to turn purple- his wife's favorite color! It even happens with roses. Any flowers he may bring, it's only a matter of weeks before they start to turn purple. 

He believes it's a sign from his wife, and according to the priest, it is truly a miracle for this to happen! 

Clearly love knows no boundaries, not even in death.

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