Finally, 5 Easy Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw!


We've all been there: it's Saturday morning, and you're about to start a new project. You begin by removing or disassembling the old thing that you're replacing, and you run into a stripped screw. Suddenly, the project is on hold. How do you quickly and easily remove a stripped screw?

Well luckily, we've found a video that will help you say "screw it" and get that thing out of there! One of our favorite ways is to put duct tape over the head of the screw, have you ever tried that? It works! Another method that works is hammering the back of a screwdriver into the screw. That one works great, too! 

This is the type of video that you only need to watch once, and these easy methods will stick in the back of your mind. You'll be so happy that you know these tricks for removing a stripped screw next time it happens to you! Share this video with your friends on Facebook, they'll be happy to know the tricks! 

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