Find Out What Saved THIS Baby’s Life!!


Karen and Brian undoubtedly looked forward to the birth of their 3rd child, but after an ultrasound revealed that the baby not only had down syndrome but also a rare disease that caused his body to fill with fluids, the possibility of a stillborn loomed.

In Karen's heart, however, she knew she had to hold on to hope. And this is exactly what kept her going. The baby was delivered after an emergency C-section, but against all odds, he was breathing!

To add to the situation, baby Raynor was born with kidney failure, and the parents were told that if his kidney's wouldn't work within the next 12 hours, he would not survive. Ultimately, they were told to prepare for the worst.

For her last wish, Karen asked the hospital if she could bring her rocking chair into her room so she could rock her baby. From that moment on, little by little, he began getting better. 

Eventually, the family was able to bring their little son home, alive and well! What an amazing miracle! Please SHARE

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