First Graders Can Solve This Right Away – But Adults Struggle. What About You?


As we get older, it’s important to exercise our brains every
day and keep them sharp! If you haven’t got your brain working yet today – then
take this brain teaser for a spin!

The brain teaser pictured below was actually given to first
graders in China as a school entrance exam. Not only could those first graders
solve it, but it was so easy for them that they figured it out in just 20
seconds. While first graders in China were solving this in less than 30 seconds,
adults everywhere were struggling to figure it out at all.

These puzzles contain such simple logic that to a kid with an
unclouded brain, it’s totally obvious — but to an over-thinking adult it’s near
impossible! Check out the image below and see what you come up with.

Can you figure it

So … did you figure it out?! I stared at this thing for
about five minutes before I gave up. I just couldn’t figure it out. The correct
answer is … wait for it … 87. Once you know the answer it’s totally obvious!

Us as the readers are looking at the numbers upside down,
but from the driver’s perspective they’re right side up and would read 86, 87,
88, 89, 90, 91 from left to right.

That was a tough one! We included a video below as well to
give your eyes a run for their money! See if you pass this eye test by watching
the video below.

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