From Robin Williams to The Ice Bucket Challenge – What do Our Google Searches in 2014 say About us?!


With a new year come new beginnings! Every New Year always
has a spirit of hope, inspiration, and resolutions!

Whether you like to make resolutions or not, a new year is a
new opportunity to reinvent yourself! What’s even more fun than making
resolutions though is to reflect back on the year! And I think it’s safe to say
that 2014 was quite an eventful year!

From tragic deaths such as Robin Williams, to powerful
movements like the Ice Bucket Challenge, 2014 was a year of change, awareness,
loss, and inspiration.

What were YOUR favorite moments of 2014?! Take a trip down
memory lane as Google shows us the top searches in 2014 and what they say about

What were YOUR favorite moments of 2014?! Watch and SHARE!

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