Garlicky Hands? Get Rid of That Smell With This Nifty Tip!


The holiday season is in full swing, which means our food
consumption has gone way up. Between office Christmas parties, dinner parties
with friends, and potlucks with your neighbors, there’s no escaping FOOD.

But in my opinion it’s one of the best parts of this time of
year – enjoying delicious food with your loved ones! If you’ve been slaving
away in the kitchen and happen to notice that garlic is in pretty much every
dinner recipe, you’ve probably also noticed that the smell NEVER leaves your

No matter how many times you wash your hands with soap and
water, it seems like that garlic smell never goes away. So it’s time to put
down the soap and check out this awesome tip!

To get rid of that garlicky smell all you need is water,
some sort of stainless steel, and about 20 seconds. Check out this vid to see
how to nip that smell in the bud!

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