Has This Mom Discovered the Solution to Temper Tantrums?!


If you're a parent then you can DEFINITELY relate to this video! You know those days when your kids just aren't having it - well this little guy is certainly having one of those days!

Clearly the little boy is looking for some attention as he dramatically throws himself onto the ground in front of his parents and begins screaming and crying. 

However, it seems as though this mom (and the dog) have figured out how to make it stop - just ignore it! 

Watch and see how every time the child begins to throw a fit, the mother and dog simply leave the room and he immediately stops. The boy comes barreling into the next room and tries his oscar-worthy temper tantrum again. Mom and dog repeat their solution and the baby stops crying - again! 

LOL this video is too funny! I guess the next time my son is having one of these days, I'll just have to walk away! SHARE this hysterical video on Facebook! 

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