Have You Ever Wondered What News Anchors do During Commercial Breaks?


When you work with someone for long enough, you start to
become like family. You can learn a great deal about a person when you spend
eight or more hours a day with them, five days a week.

A perfect example of this type of relationship is news
anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange. These two have worked together for
years and in all those years they’ve had a lot of down time to fill during
commercial breaks.

They’ve put that down time to use and created an epic
handshake routine! As soon as the commercials start to roll and they’re no
longer on air, they put on this amazing 2-minute, choreographed handshake
(complete with sound effects and dance moves).

If you’ve always wondered what the news anchors talk about
during breaks when they’re not on air, then you gotta see this!

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