He Flies Over The Florida Coast. When I Found Out What Those Black Dots Are … I Gasped!


Are you scared of sharks? Then this video might frighten you.

During this video, you will see a ton of black dots in the ocean. Do you know what they are? Thousands of sharks. Yes, thousands! 

There are so many sharks off the coast of Florida that if you threw a rock from the shore, you would hit a shark. Dr. Stephen Kajiura says that beach goers should not be scared of the sharks. They are not there to get you. They are just migrating!

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Sharks off Palm Beach, FL

Fantastic aerial survey flight this morning. Thousands of sharks off Palm Beach and up to Jupiter. Very few sharks spotted from Miami to Palm Beach. Really looking forward to instrumenting some sharks with transmitters tomorrow. Original 4K video uploaded for viewing - be sure to watch in HD.

Posted by FAU Shark Migration on Friday, February 12, 2016
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