He Gets Bit by a Snake and Doesn’t Even Flinch! Proof That Steve Irwin was One of The greatest EVER


Steve Irwin is known for being one of the greatest wildlife
experts, TV personalities, and conservationists of all time. His quirky and
fearless nature captivated people all over the world!

His career spanned decades and throughout those years he
encountered animals and situations of all kinds. In 1991, in the early years of
his career, he would do a weekly segment on a local kids show.

In this segment he has a python and is explaining how they don’t
bite humans. As the snake is slithering around his neck it stops and chomps

The way Steve handles it is absolutely amazing and makes me
love him even more. Steve Irwin you are still greatly missed!

Please watch this video that proves Steve Irwin was even
more amazing than we thought and SHARE!

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