He Had a Hard Life Growing Up, But That Hasn’t Stopped Him From Pursuing His Dream!


18 year old Jaycob Curlee has always used music to get through the tough times of his life. Growing up, his parents were constantly in and out of jail. It got so bad, that at the age of 5, the police finally intervened to bring Jake and his sister to foster care. 

What started with regular visitation periods, eventually progressed to his parents completely removing themselves from his life.

But, one day he was adopted by a wonderful couple who have changed Jake's life completely. The support and love they have for their son is tremendous!

Jaycob's incredible journey has led him to the America's Got Talent stage. Here, we watch Jake perform an overwhelmingly emotional rendition of John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change."

His version of the song brought tears to my eyes...and the judges'! Please SHARE Jaycob's amazing performance! 

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