He Had a Heart Attack at 33 and No One Thought He’d Survive. Then, a Miracle Happened…


Every now and then, we find ourselves in unfortunate circumstances in life. We don't always see them coming, but deep down, we know they'll always come. This happy couple, unfortunately, experienced a tragic obstacle in life sooner than expected that left them nearly hopeless.

Sammy Miller was only 33 when he experienced a massive heart attack, one that left his heart completely immobile. Their only hope was a heart transplant. When they found bleeding in his brain, doctors had no choice but to remove him from bypass. Just when everyone thought there was no hope, something incredible happened. 

See what led this couple to strength and triumph, and ultimately, thrive! "I Will Sing Praise," is a song that doesn't even come close to describing the gratitude this family has towards their savior. Sammy Miller's story is absolutely beautiful.

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